9 April 2022 meetup

Another fun day was had at the man-cave.  Good to catch up with Brett and Gary again. Brett has been busy with his Falcon doing development with Pure C.  He has updated his code/program which shows the stars… Read More

13 March 2021 meetup

Brett, Neil, Gary and Rob met up on Saturday. As usual, the meetup started with everyone catching up on all things retro and life. Brett brought along his STE and the PLCC IDE adapter he was looking to… Read More

2 January 2021 meetup

Brett, Gary and Rob caught up on Saturday on what we had been doing since the previous meetup in December. Brett has been testing using his greaseweazle flux board but the floppy drive sounds like it needs a… Read More

20 December 2020 meetup

It was a warm day on Sunday at Gary’s man-cave and it was good to see Brett, Andy (via video link from Canberra) and Jonathan (Brett’s brother) join Gary and I for another meetup. It was Jonathan’s first… Read More

21 November 2020 meetup

It was good to catch up with Gary, Christoph and Brad on Saturday. Brad bought along a couple of his STFMs, one of which he needed guidance on updating the TOS to 1.4 so he can connect his… Read More

3 October 2020 meetup

Another great event was hosted by Gary at his man-cave. Brett, Rob and Gary were there and Andy joined us through the video call from Canberra. Always good to catch-up with everyone and hear what has been going… Read More

27 June 2020 meetup

Saturday was another great meetup at Gary’s man cave. Brett’s brought along his STFM which has the power LED not working. Brett wanted to confirm if this was fixable and likely causes. The power LED was not showing… Read More

11 January 2020 meetup

Well it was another interesting Atari day at the Man Cave. First off we looked at a rather simple set of commands for GFA Basic. This was thanks to Rob and Brett for their patience. Gary’s Atari Mega… Read More

9 February 2020 meetup

I am pleased to advise that Gary’s Atari STF Remake H4 board was finished today and booted up 1st time. Paul checked my SMT soldering and finalized the patches before we booted the board and we were pleasantly… Read More

29 September 2019 meetup

The meeting was fun and productive and here is a wrap up of the day’s events: Neil powered up his 800XL and showed off his new sdrive max. Pretty impressive the way it worked. We loaded a few… Read More

8 September 2019 meetup

It was another fun Sunday meetup at Gary’s. It was good to see Christoph, Brad, and Rob H during the day as well as our host Gary and me. We worked through Christoph’s Amiga disk and images. We… Read More

25 August 2019 meetup

We had another great meetup at Gary’s today and it was good to see Christoph, Gary, Neil, Paul as well as newcomer Robert (and wife) there during the day. As there are now 2 Rob’s in the group,… Read More

30 June 2019 meetup

Had a great time at Paul’s place on Sunday. Thank you Paul. First off Paul had sorted out one colour monitor for me, now up and working. The photo’s of this was sent to everyone. Me being me,… Read More