9 February 2020 meetup

I am pleased to advise that Gary’s Atari STF Remake H4 board was finished today and booted up 1st time. Paul checked my SMT soldering and finalized the patches before we booted the board and we were pleasantly surprised that it booted 1st time. That means we now have 3 of our 5 H4 boards booted and working. Gary is now the proud owner of a brand new Atari STF system and has taken it to install into a case.

When we finished working on the H4 board we then moved onto a couple of Greaseweazel (STM32F1) boards and adapters. And after downloading the code, we managed to get these both working and successfully dumped one of Paul’s Atari floppy disks. For those interested, more information on the Greaseweazel and flux dumps can be found here: https://github.com/keirf/Greaseweazle

Gary also brought along his Atari TT for us to have a look at as it was going faulty once it had warmed up. The TT did have issues but it was not fixable today so we will do some more testing on it to try and identify where the problem is.

I would like to thank Paul for his usual excellent hospitality today. Look forward to the next time.