11 January 2020 meetup

Well it was another interesting Atari day at the Man Cave.

First off we looked at a rather simple set of commands for GFA Basic. This was thanks to Rob and Brett for their patience.

Gary’s Atari Mega ST that he installed the hard drive in, somehow managed to lock all the drives when we went to install GFA Basic we couldn’t.

After re-running the install program and with help from Rob and Brett we managed to get it all set up. ( This program is in German).

Rob gave a demo of his H4 STF remake board by playing a game. He also showed us the Satandisk running on it. Well done to Rob.

Rob has also taken Gary’s H4 board to build that as well, as Gary didn’t think he really had the confidence or steady enough hands these days to do it himself.

Brett has been doing some programming that he will share with the group later.

After Brett and Rob H left Rob and Gary started looking at Gary’s Mega STE.

The Mega needed New English TOS 2.06 Roms put in, that Rob had programmed for me. Success; that bit up and running.

Next we looked at the floppy drive as it only had a 720 in, to upgrade it to a 1.44 floppy. Unfortunately we have not been successful with this update.(Work in progress). You would not believe the number of Floppy Drives we tried, and how many jumpers Rob changed in the hope of getting this going. I think if I want the 1.44 floppy I am going to have to invest more money that I do not have at the moment. lol

The battery back up clock needed to be changed as it was flat. Jaycar did not have a suitable replacement so will have to try elsewhere.

By this stage it was quite late, so we called it a night.

Again thanks to everyone who came.

Thanks for all your help.