8 September 2019 meetup

It was another fun Sunday meetup at Gary’s.

It was good to see Christoph, Brad, and Rob H during the day as well as our host Gary and me.

We worked through Christoph’s Amiga disk and images. We created a preservation image of Dragon Breed Amiga game disk which we then dumped back to another blank floppy to test if this will work. Christoph is also going to look at the dumped image and re-cracking the games protections. He did this many year’s ago and so needs to remember how he did this. Christoph will need to let us know how he goes and give us a demo next time.

Gary updated one of his Atari STF with TOS 1.04 ROMs from a German TOS ROMs. All tested fine afterwards. We also installed some TOS ROMs into his 2 new STE motherboards. Gary will test these at some point to confirm TOS boots.

Gary was busy formatting his new Atari hard disk acquisition. It was running all day and still running when I left. Gary will need to let us know if it does finally finish formatting the disk?

Brad brought along his Atari ST and hi-res Atari monitor. We need to get Paul to check the settings to see if the screen area can be extended by adjustments? There were no external things to adjust this. Brad’s kids seem to enjoy playing games on the Atari Jaguar and were not keen when they had to leave.

Rob H brought along a couple of Gotek drives for us to test but it looks like these are dead and beyond repair. If anyone wants Goteks updating with FlashFloppy firmware, please let me know as I am more than happy to flash these for the group and can do this at the meetups. Rob H has also ordered a set of capacitors to recap his Atari STF PSU. As I said, Gary and I have done a few of these so if anyone needs help, Gary and I are happy to recap PSUs with new capacitors. Rob H took away a spare Gotek I had brought along so he had a working Gotek drive.

I had fun catching up with everyone.