30 June 2019 meetup

Had a great time at Paul’s place on Sunday. Thank you Paul.

First off Paul had sorted out one colour monitor for me, now up and working. The photo’s of this was sent to everyone.

Me being me, I arrived at Paul’s place with 3 more monitors for Paul to look at fixing.

We went to work on another colour monitor. (Well Paul did Gary observed)

When Gary picked it up originally from a seller it was working, got home tried it not working. The joys of old equipment.

First of when we turned it on, it just had a line across the middle. Paul did some manual adjustments with the tunning controls and hey presto it was working-well sort of, when we moved the monitor there was yellow flashes on the screen. This was reminiscent of the first monitor but the main colour was red. From what Paul had said about the first monitor it was a gun issue, or alignment of the colours.

After much monitor tapping and time by Paul checking the circuitry the main fault was found and corrected. Paul also proceeded to re-solder all the board joints, to be on the safe side. Two monitors up and running now.

The third monitor is a high res one. Unfortunately by the time Gary had to leave, Paul had worked out the power switch was faulty, but there is still an issue with it. Work in progress

Thanks again Paul.

Hope to see more people at the next one.