29 September 2019 meetup

The meeting was fun and productive and here is a wrap up of the day’s events:

Neil powered up his 800XL and showed off his new sdrive max. Pretty impressive the way it worked. We loaded a few games and I played Galaxians which I played back in the day.

Brett attend and it was great to meet a fellow retro fan. Brett has a wealth of knowledge across many systems which he owns. We fired up my STE with MicroCosmosEx and loaded up Mark Williams C. We successfully loaded up and compiled a couple of C Manship examples and they compiled successfully and ran. Brett also has experience with coding in C so he was interested to see this working. Maybe Brett can help out if anyone needs help with creating C based programs. Maybe Brett and Miro can develop something new and interesting together for our Atari’s??

Brett has taken away a new OLED Gotek drive to install in his Atari and play with.

Rob H joined Gary and I just as Brett and Neil had to leave and had brought along his new lightning card to show us. I have been reading about this new IDE and USB card on the forums so it was nice to see a real one. We will need to help Robert remove his 68000 CPU from one of his STFMs and fit the socket so he can install this new gadget. I am looking forward to seeing this card running in the future.

Rob H’s new 1040STFM was purchased with a dead floppy drive and so we did a quick test and then installed his Gotek drive and tested things before closing the case.

We chatted about the new STF Remake H4 board and the mods coming with it. We were also chatting about the YM2149 and stereo output. Rob H has sent the following video link showing someone who has done the modification to an Atari: https://youtu.be/0yY4BlPfLf4 Might think about this modification on the STF Remake Alpha board if I find time.

Again, Gary was a great host and it was good to meet catch up with everyone.