Atari Mega ST ST2VGA 13 pin to VGA video adapter (colour/mono switch) with audio


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Atari Mega ST edition 13 pin DIN to VGA Video Adapter with 3.5mm audio out

Allows you to connect a modern LCD monitor to your retro Atari Mega ST computer.
Designed to leave the ports either side free to plug in other devices. Will also work on other model Atari computers.
The design includes through-hole components to ensure that they do not lift off during use. I have been using this adapter now for a while with my own Atari Mega ST.
The onboard switch Supports Medium/Lo resolution (colour) and Hi-resolution (mono) allowing you to use all resolutions on one LCD monitor. Hi-Res is perfect for using Cubase. Please note that Medium/Lo resolution requires a compatible monitor capable of 15Khz. Some information on compatible LCD monitors can be found searching the terms shown below.
Also has a 3.5mm audio connector to provide audio out. Ideal for Atari computers that only have audio via the 13 pin Din connector. Play games with all their audio outputted via this adapter.
Please note:15KHz H-Sync capable multi-sync monitor is required for this device to work. Search for these terms for more information:
15khz Wiki
Atari Wiki Flat Panel Displays